Victory Vitamin Blog – Luke 8:35

“When they came to Jesus, they found the man from whom the demons had gone out, sitting at Jesus’ feet, dressed and in his right mind; and they were afraid.”

-Luke 8:35 NIV


Well, that’s interesting.  These people were afraid because a guy who used to run around naked, and out of his mind, was now dressed and sitting calmly at Jesus’ feet?  What’s scary about that?  You’d think they would have been afraid when the guy was running around the town possessed by demons.  It’s funny how easily we can become accustomed to evil.  It sounds like these townspeople liked it better the old way.  They had become comfortable with the devil’s presence among them.  Now that the demons had been cast out, they were afraid.  Backward?  Yes,  but  how easily we become comfortable with our own sin.  We resign ourselves to the fact that our sinful behavior will never change, so we rationalize the behavior and adapt our lives to it.  Let’s stop.  When Jesus cast the demons out of this guy, everyone saw that Jesus has power over the devil.  He’s in control.  We’ll never be sinless on earth, but we also cannot become comfortable with the devil.  Jesus died to cleanse us from sin and His desire is that we live as forgiven people.  When you were baptized the devil lost control of you.  You are now controlled by the Spirit.  Christ is in you.  Live to glorify Him!

Sunday Service Sneak Peek for June 19, 2016 – Luke 8:35


Sunday Service Sneak Peek for June 19, 2016 – Luke 8:35

One day, Jesus delivered a man from demon possession.  The evil spirits left the man and he was calm and composed again after years of erratic, self-destructive behavior.  After seeing what Jesus had done, the towns people asked Jesus to leave.  They were afraid.  Today we’ll consider the reason for their fear. Learn more about Luke 8:35 NIV this Sunday, June 19, 2016 at Victory Lutheran Church and find out how to avoid the devil.