Sunday Sneak Peek for Easter Sunday March 27, 2016 – Luke 24:1-12

Easter Sunday 2016 (2)

Sunday Sneak Peek for Easter Sunday March 27, 2016 – Luke 24:1-12 

It’s a blessing to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with you today.  Please complete the worship registration form in your row.  The celebration continues next week! Join us for Easter Worship at Victory Lutheran Church to learn more about Luke 24:1-12.

Easter Worship and Children’s Program – 9 AM

Easter Breakfast – 10:15 AM

Children’s Egg Hunt – 10:30 AM


Good Friday – March 25, 2016 – The Service of Tenebrae – 7 PM

Good Friday 16 (2)

Good Friday – March 25, 2016 – The Service of Tenebrae 

THE SERVICE OF TENEBRAE: Tenebrae is a Latin word which means, “shadows.”  The distinctive feature of the Tenebrae service is the gradual darkening of the sanctuary.  The service is symbolic of the apparent victory of the powers of darkness over Jesus at his death, but actually of their defeat by Him who is the Light of the World.  The first part of the service recalls the prophecies regarding Jesus’ suffering and death and their fulfillment.  Part two reviews the seven last words of Jesus from the cross.


Victory Vitamin Blog – Mark 11:7

“When they brought the colt to Jesus and threw their cloaks over it, he sat on it.”

-Mark 11:7 NIV


When we consider the suffering and death of Jesus, we often look at Him as a poor helpless victim. This Sunday we’ll explore how Jesus’ own actions led to His death. It hinges on the verse printed above. By the simple act of riding a donkey, Jesus was making a murder…His own. (More on that Sunday) It goes without saying, that’s a strange strategy. Arranging one’s own death? It’s one thing to fake a death, but to orchestrate one’s own actual death? For what benefit? The events of Palm Sunday sealed Jesus’ fate. It doesn’t make sense until we consider the mission Jesus was on. God became human in Jesus, and lived His perfect life with the cross in His sights. The cross was His goal. It was His destination and destiny. Not for His benefit, but for ours! Jesus’ love for you caused Him to do the things He did. Love for you caused Jesus to allow His arrest and torture. Love for you made Jesus resist the urge to fight back. Love for you held Jesus to the cross. It’s difficult to grasp, but I’m sure glad He did it. Jesus made a murder so you and I could escape death. Next week, I strongly encourage you to attend services on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. It will add meaning and joy to your celebration of Christ’s resurrection next Sunday. Yes, by His actions, Jesus was making a murder. His own. But by rising from the dead, Jesus made resurrection and eternal life for you.

Sunday Service Sneak Peek for March 20, 2016 – Mark 11:7

Making A Murder_3/15/16

Sunday Service Sneak Peek for March 20, 2016 – Mark 11:7

Palm Sunday is famous for Jesus riding a donkey into Jerusalem.  That act, may well have been the one thing that sealed Jesus’ fate.  We can be thankful He took that ride that day.  His death means our forgiveness.  His resurrection means our eternal life! Learn more about Mark 11:7 NIV this Sunday, March 20, 2016 at Victory Lutheran Church.