Sunday Service Sneak Peek for July 22, 2018 – Mark 6:34

Sunday Service Sneak Peek for July 22, 2018 – Mark 6:34

The Bible regularly uses the relationship between shepherd and sheep to illustrate God’s relationship with His people.  In many ways we are like sheep, who need care, guidance, and protection.  We rejoice that we have a loving, powerful Shepherd in Jesus! Find out more about Mark 6:34 NIV this Sunday, July 22nd here at Victory Lutheran Church in Eden Prairie. Worship time is 9 AM.

Victory Vitamin Blog – Mark 6:34

“When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So he began teaching them many things.”

-Mark 6:34 NIV



Three observations about this verse.  First, Jesus had compassion on these people.  Jesus is compassionate.  He cares about you the same way he cared about that large crowd of people that day.  Take comfort in the fact that the Lord has compassion on you and follows that compassion up with action.  Second.  People without Christ in their lives are like sheep without a shepherd.  Sheep cannot protect themselves.  They are among the most vulnerable animals on the planet.  With their limited natural defenses, sheep are easy prey.  Spiritually, humans are at a disadvantage and easy prey for the devil.  We will benefit greatly from the guidance and protection of a shepherd.  A Good Shepherd who laid down His life for His sheep so that they could be delivered from the ultimate danger of hell.  Finally, When Jesus saw these people and had compassion on them, He taught them.  Jesus assessed the situation and concluded that what these harassed and helpless people needed was some good teaching.  That may seem odd, but Jesus taught those people with the wisdom of God.  We have access to that same wisdom and power in the Bible.  God’s Word and wisdom is what we need to guide and protect us through this dangerous world.   Read a chapter today and get to know the voice of your shepherd a little better.

Victory Vitamin Blog – Trusting God’s Timing – Mark 5:25

Trusting God’s Timing

And a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years. 

-Mark 5:25 NIV


12 years is a long time.  I’m assuming this woman had prayed about this.  One day she sees Jesus in a crowd and takes matters into her own hands.  She touches Jesus’ robe and is healed!  Do you know what it’s like to wait for God to do something?  Tom Petty’s been telling us for years, “The waiting is the hardest part”.  I think there’s little question that God intentionally makes His people wait.  What that tells us is that there is a purpose to the waiting, otherwise God wouldn’t do it.  We may never fully grasp what the purpose is, but let it comfort you that God is accomplishing His purpose in your life.  I don’t know what life lessons, if any, this bleeding woman learned over her 12 years of suffering, but patience, resolve, and tenacity are the kinds of things I can use more of.  God has a purpose in your waiting.  You may never see it, but God does.  Trust God’s timing.  Thanks to Jesus, one day soon enough we will all be together with Him and waiting will be no more.