Sunday Service Sneak Peek for March 5, 2017 – Matthew 4:1

Sunday Service Sneak Peek for March 5, 2017 – Matthew 4:1

Every day, followers of Jesus find themselves being tempted.  God has established a standard of right and wrong and the devil has no qualms about lying to get us to disobey the One who truly loves us.  We learn a great deal from Jesus’ experience in the wilderness when He was tempted. Learn more about Matthew 4:1 NIV this Sunday at Victory Lutheran Church.

Victory Vitamin Blog – Matthew 5:39

“If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” 

-Matthew 5:39 NIV


Well, that certainly would be different.  The norm would likely be retaliation of some sort.  Jesus encourages us to be different?  Rather than do what is expected, do the unexpected.  Don’t retaliate, be patient.  Don’t be stingy, be generous.  Don’t whine about being inconvenienced, go the extra mile for someone else.  Rather than hate your enemies, love them. Pray for them.  Be radically unselfish with your rights and your property.  Be different!  To what end?  So that others will notice how different you are.  Different like Jesus, who was patient, generous, and loving throughout His life, and as He hung on the cross paying the price for sins we’ve committed.  He hung there, bleeding, dying, and asked God to forgive the people who were killing him.  Someone noticed.  After Jesus died, a centurion stationed at the cross said, “Surely this man was the Son of God.”  People are watching.  Your actions matter.  All of your sins and failures are forgiven so you are free to be radically different.  Different in the right way.  Different like Jesus.