Sunday Service Sneak Peek for September 4, 2016 – Matthew 15:27

Persist (2)

Sunday Service Sneak Peek for September 4, 2016 – Matthew 15:27

It’s a blessing to worship Christ with you this today.   Thank you to Garret Grev, Director of our board of Lay Ministry, who will be leading worship this morning.  God bless our worship and praise today! Find out about more about Matthew 15:27 and Persistence this Sunday, September 4, 2016 at Victory Lutheran Church. 

Victory Vitamin Blog – Matthew 4:4

“Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.

-Matthew 4:4 NIV

At this time, Jesus was out in the desert being tempted by the devil.  Jesus did that because He came to live as one of us, and we certainly experience temptation every day.  These words were spoken by Jesus right after the devil tempted Him to turn stones into bread.  Jesus could have done it, but He replies with words that remind us what really matters.  At its core, the devil was trying to get Jesus to satisfy his physical desire.  Jesus was hungry.  As society drifts farther and farther away from God, it becomes more socially acceptable to do things that God has forbidden.  Many of them have to do with our physical desires.  We want to “feel good” so people get high, they get drunk, they “anonymously” and “innocently” peruse pornography on the internet, all in an attempt to satisfy physical desires and “feel better”.  These things, among many others, are harmful, not helpful.  The devil’s lie is that harmful things are really helpful.  Remember, it’s a lie.  Jesus reminds us that we truly live on the Word of God.  The Bible.  The Bible contains truths, not lies.  Truths that give us deep and lasting peace, contentment, and hope.  God loves you.  You are forgiven.  You have purpose.  Eternity in heaven awaits you through Jesus.  True satisfaction is found in those truths, not the devil’s lies.  We’ll never be perfect while we live on earth.  We will sin, and we will be forgiven.  That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight.  Jesus’ experience in the desert exhorts us to Join the resistance.  Resist temptation!  God satisfies the soul.