Victory Vitamin Blog – John 10:27

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

-John 10:27 NIV


“Be a leader, not a follower.”  I’ve said it to my kids.  It’s generally good advice but there are times when it would be ignorant not to be a follower.  If a firefighter wants to lead you out of a burning building, by all means follow.  If you’re lost in the woods and a ranger finds you, please follow them back to civilization.  If you’re destined to die, (and we all are) please follow Jesus to eternal life.  It makes good sense to follow Jesus.  He’s proven His love for, and His loyalty to us.  He’s promised to lead us beside still waters (Psalm 23), and to springs of living water (Revelation 7).  As followers of Jesus, we will go where He has gone.  He entered the tomb dead, and walked out alive. We will do the same.  He ascended into heaven and on the day we die, our souls will follow Him.  On the Last Day, our bodies too will rise perfected and follow Jesus to heaven.  It’s foolish to follow people who aren’t trustworthy, but when it comes to Jesus, being a follower is a sign of strength and wisdom.  Follow the Leader!

Victory Vitamin Blog – John 21:14 NIV

“This was now the third time Jesus appeared to his disciples after he was raised from the dead.”

-John 21:14 NIV


When it comes to the resurrection of Jesus, the only question is, “Do you believe the witnesses or not?” Jesus appeared to plenty of people, plenty of times. Do you believe the witnesses? If you won’t believe their words, let their actions speak. Remember how the disciples locked themselves in a house after Jesus was crucified? They were afraid they’d be the next to die. But after the risen Jesus appeared to them in that house they had no problem walking the streets and talking freely about what Jesus had done. According to tradition, 10 of the 12 disciples were martyred for their faith in Jesus. Do you think they’d be willing to die for a man who was a fraud, a man who said He’d rise, but never did? There’s no question the tomb was empty that Sunday morning. We know that because the guards had to come up with an excuse to explain why Jesus’ body was gone. The question is, do you believe the witnesses? Are you influenced by their bold post-resurrection actions? What those men and women saw with their own eyes, we now cling to by faith, and it makes us bold to talk about what Jesus has done. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed, and because He lives, you will live also!

Sunday Service Sneak Peek for April 10, 2016 – John 21:14

Indeed (2)

Sunday Service Sneak Peek for April 10, 2016 – John 21:14

Around Easter it’s not unusual to hear the phrase “Christ is risen. He is risen indeed.”  By His post-resurrection actions, Jesus adds an emphatic “indeed” to His resurrection so that believers of all times and places will have certainty and peace about their own resurrection.  Learn more about John 21:14 NIV this Sunday, April 10, 2016 at Victory Lutheran Church.