Victory Vitamin Blog – 1 Samuel 17:45

“You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty”

-1 Samuel 17:45 NIV


The odds were not in David’s favor.  Goliath was a big man and a skilled warrior.  The fact that he would march out daily and challenge anyone from Israel to fight him is a testimony to his confidence.  David was a shepherd.  He was the youngest of his brothers.  But David was not intimidated by Goliath.  Far from being intimidated, David was infuriated.  That Goliath would stand out in the valley and loudly mock the Israelites, who were the army of God, was intolerable to David.  David was entirely confident that the LORD would help him shut that bully’s mouth.  David put his faith in action and God brought Goliath down.  It was David’s faith and complete confidence in God that caused him to undertake a task that many others were terrified to approach.  What daunting tasks are giving you doubts?  Is there a situation in your life that seems destined to destroy you?  Call it your Goliath, and trust in the LORD as you face it head on.  God has already defeated our most dreaded enemy, the devil.  Now sin and death can do us no harm.  Trust Him to go with you into your daily battles as well.

Sunday Service Sneak Peek for December 3, 2017 – 1-2 Samuel, 1 Chronicles

Sunday Service Sneak Peek for December 3, 2017 – 1-2 Samuel, 1 Chronicles

We continue our journey through the true story of God’s interaction with His people throughout history. It’s our story too, the story of how God’s love for His people caused Him to provide a way for salvation and a path to eternal life with Him! This week, we hear learn about David, a murderer and adulterer who was still the greatest king to rule over Israel. Join us at Victory Lutheran Church Sunday, December 3rd to find out more.

Victory Vitamin Blog – 1 Samuel 17:48 NIV

“David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet him.” 

-1 Samuel 17:48 NIV


As we continue our review of some basic Bible accounts, today we run across David and Goliath.  David was a shepherd boy at this point, and was offended when he heard Goliath mocking God, and the people of Israel.  David was also confident in the LORD.  As he left to meet Goliath on the field of battle, David didn’t walk, he ran.  A small shepherd boy with a slingshot, was running to meet a nine foot tall soldier with armor, spear and javelin.  That’s faith!  Wouldn’t it be great if we could eagerly, confidently run toward the challenges in our lives the same way to tackle them in faith?   Actually, we can.  God has already won the victory for us through Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Jesus certainly appeared to be the underdog in that fight too.  The Pharisees, the Romans, they conspired to kill Him, but by that death, Jesus earned forgiveness for us!  And though the stone wasn’t thrown with a sling, it was rolled away from a tomb which resulted in the devil’s defeat.  Forgiveness and eternal life are yours in Christ.  You can live boldly and confidently because the same God who accompanied David to face Goliath, accompanies you as you face your daily challenges.