Victory Lutheran Church is more than a name; it describes the kind of life that Jesus gives. Jesus will give a life of victory to YOU.

That doesn’t mean life won’t have its share of challenges, hardships, and pain, but it does mean that through all of the trials you have confidence and joy. Jesus died, then came back to life and those actions earned forgiveness and eternal life for YOU. No amount of hardship or pain can take that victory away from you. Jesus lives and because He lives you will live forever through faith in Him! Join us every Sunday at 9 a.m. Worship at 16200 Berger Drive in Eden Prairie, MN.

Victory Lutheran Church is a Christian church in Eden Prairie, MN that emphasizes God’s love and forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

We point people to the eternal joy that will be experienced in heaven by those who trust in Jesus. We are a member congregation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Our membership in this Synod means we believe, teach and confess specific Bible teachings. You can find out more about these beliefs at

Victory Lutheran Church began as a mission congregation in 1990 and has been served by two pastors to present.  Rev. Bob Mundahl established Victory Lutheran Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and served here for almost seven years. Now, Rev. Brendan Prigge serves as pastor and is in his Eighteenth year as pastor of Victory Lutheran Church.

People looking for a church home in the Twin Cities have many options.

Many choose a large ‘mega-church’ because of the professional music and drama, and the dozens of specialty groups and programs offered. Some prefer the kind of church where one can slip in and out without really being noticed. You will not find that at Victory Lutheran Church. We are a small congregation numbering around 200 Christian souls. We emphasize the basics: worship and Bible study. Our worship style is blended and relaxed. We’re neither traditional nor contemporary. We offer Christian education for all ages including Kids Sunday school, Junior High and Adult Confirmation and monthly small group Bible studies. At Victory Lutheran Church you aren’t part of the crowd, you’re part of the family.

Pastor Prigge has served Victory Lutheran Church since 2001.

He was born in St. Paul, grew up in the Southwest suburbs of the Twin Cities, and has served parishes in Atwater and Brooklyn Park, MN. He says, “My favorite day of the week is Sunday. I get to gather together with those I love and serve to worship the God who makes our differences fade away and unites us in Jesus.” He loves writing and preaching sermons, but also finds time for basketball, softball, hunting, fishing, kayaking, disc golfing, snowboarding and just about any other outdoor activity. As a drummer, music is also an important part of his life.

Our Mission

The people of Victory aspire to be a caring family of Christians who shares Christ’s victory with others in the Twin Cities. This means loving each other as Christ loves us and treating everyone we encounter the way we would have them treat us. Our goal is to let people know that they can have forgiveness, peace, and eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

Motto: Grow, Live, Share Christ’s Victory!

Mission: Grow in our knowledge of God’s forgiveness and peace, live our Christian faith and share Christ’s victory with others.

Vision: Be a Bible-based body of Christ by regularly receiving the comfort and strength which God reveals in His word.