Victory Vitamin Blog – Matthew 10:7

“As you go, preach this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven is near.’” 

Matthew 10:7 NIV 

Every now and then things happen in the world that cause people to wonder if it’s all coming to an end.  I’ve heard talk about it again recently.  When Jesus sent the apostles out to preach and perform miracles, He told them to preach that “the kingdom of heaven is near.”  Make no mistake, it is near, but before we worry about how near it is, let’s establish what it is.  What makes a kingdom a kingdom is that there is a king who rules it.  Our king is Jesus Christ.  The Bible calls Him “King of kings and Lord of lords”.  As Christians, we are living under His rule right now.  Through faith in Him, we are His subjects and we gladly subject ourselves to His will because we know He has our best interest in mind.  He proved it on the cross.  One day Christ will return to earth and on that day we will no longer be living in the earthly kingdom of Christ, we will be living the perfect, heavenly, eternal kingdom of our Lord.  The kingdom of heaven is near.  We live in the kingdom of Christ now and gladly carry out His will in this world.  “Soon”, Christ will return and usher in His eternal heavenly kingdom and it is for that day that we no wait, and pray.  Come quickly, Lord Jesus!  Amen.