Victory Vitamin Blog – Luke 11:2-4

“When you pray, say:”

-Luke 11:2–4 NIV

It may seem like I cut that verse short.  I did.  You know the rest.  It’s the Lord’s Prayer.  Jesus’ disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray and in response Jesus taught them what we call The Lord’s Prayer.  Without communication there is no relationship that’s why God has given us the gift of prayer.  Through prayer we communicate with God and Jesus gives us a model prayer.  That doesn’t mean we can’t pray other words as well.  Prayer is simply talking to God with words or thoughts.  We can and should talk to God about anything, anywhere, anytime.  Pray your personal petitions and perhaps at the end of your prayers pray the prayer Jesus taught us to pray.  In that prayer we are reminded that God is our perfect heavenly Father.  The one who loves us and is close to us at all times.  He is the Father who sent His Son to take our sin away and pay for it on the cross.  That prayer reminds us that our spiritual and eternal needs are more important than our physical earthly needs.  So, whenever you pray, whatever you pray, when you pray, say… (You know the rest)