Victory Vitamin Blog – Genesis 18:14

“Is anything too hard for the LORD?”

-Genesis 18:14 NIV

Abraham was 100 years old, his wife Sarah was 90.  God revealed to them that they were going to have a child in their old age and they both laughed.  In response, the LORD to Abraham, “Is anything too hard for the LORD?”  Have we too, forgotten that God performs miracles?  Do we doubt His ability to do amazing things in our lives today?  We should expect to be surprised by God!  (I know, the whole point of a surprise is that it’s unexpected)  God has given us the gift of faith, and God has proven that He will act in surprising ways to display His love for us.   For example, it’s surprising that God became human, took our sin on Himself and died to remove them!  That combination of faith, and God’s surprising track record should give us complete confidence that God will continue to work in our lives  in amazing and surprising ways still today.  God can and will display His surprising and miraculous power in your life, the greatest surprise being the love of a perfect God, given to sinners like us.