Victory Vitamin Blog – Luke 15:24

“for this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.”

-Luke 15:24 NIV

The parable of the Prodigal Son is pretty well known.  It shows the love God has for us and the extravagance of the forgiveness he gives to sinners who are sorry for their sin.  It’s easy to forget about the older brother in that parable.  He was the good boy, the responsible one, the one who DIDN’T take his inheritance money and spend it on hookers and blow.  The responsible brother was a little upset when his rebel brother came home and a feast was held in his honor.  And I guess I can sort of see why he was upset.  Why was a party never thrown in HIS honor?  Why a party for the screw up but not the good boy?  Well, let’s be clear, the party wasn’t celebrating the rebel son’s misbehavior.  It was celebrating the fact that he had returned home and apologized for his stupidity.  Is that not worth celebrating?  The dad said, “This son of mine was lost and is found.”  Yes, the older son was responsible and loyal, but do we deserve parties and medals for doing what we’re supposed to do? I think not.  Through Jesus Christ, God eagerly forgives those who come to him and are sorry for their sin.  We are to express joy, not jealousy that our God is as merciful to them as He is to us.