#LiveYourFaith Blog – Running Water



#LiveYourFaith Blog – Running Water

“Running Water”

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me. Matthew 25:35

This verse evokes a beautiful image in my mind, one of true servitude, love and humility. While these days we may not automatically behave in such a manner, just think about what a world it would be to react in such a way to those who are hungry, thirsty or lost. Often times, we find ourselves making judgments, creating stories for not only why someone may be in a particular situation, but also making up stories that can help us justify our passivity in providing aid. OK, enough on the guilt trip.

The purpose of this month’s blog is to introduce you to a locally created, globally sustained non-profit effort, Educate Tanzania, Inc. (ETI). Last month, Victory Lutheran Church filled 14 seats at ETI’s 5th annual fundraiser event, helping to raise $38,000 to help build water tanks to support a brand new agri-business university in Karagwe, Tanzania. Set to open in 2016, this university coined KARUCO, will bring a world-class curriculum of sustainable agriculture and business opportunities to an invested and dedicated community of Tanzanians! Dr. Jan Hansen has been the steam in the engine to make ETI’s vision a reality! There isn’t enough space in this blog to encapsulate all the positive aspects of this organization, so here is the deal. If you think any of the following things are important, then you should sign up to participate in the upcoming Running for Victory 5K on August 9th, 2015, in Eden Prairie, MN because 100% of the race fees ($25) that you pay as a runner go straight to Educate Tanzania!

  • sustainable agriculture (you can think this is cool without being a hipster)
  • rights and safety of women and children (this is almost not fair to list, but it’s more unfair that it’s still an issue in 2015…)
  • transparent business principles (really, these do exist…)
  • clean and accessible water (currently, women and children spend the majority of their time walking miles to fetch water, putting them in danger en route to provide this most essential human need)
  • education (50 men and 50 women will comprise the first class of knowledge-thirsty students at KARUCO!)

Can’t make it on race day for a leisurely stroll around Staring Lake? Be a GAZELLE, AKA a virtual runner! Or, just donate straight up to ETI’s cause via their website: www.EducateTanzania.org. To register for the race, and find out more information about the Running for Victory 5K fun run/walk, and the 1K Kids’ Fun Run visit www.VictoryLCMS.org.

Jesus came in to this world to serve, not to be served. Running for Victory 5K is an incredibly easy way for YOU to participate in an act of servitude, and to provide water for those who are thirsty, literally.